Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Being Social :)

2013 has been the best year. January to December life was full of fun, exhilaration, family, friends and success. I hope the trend continues in the same manner every year. Out of all the things this year, there were two incidents that took my happiness level to the extreme. One was the day when I got my first job and another was the day when I got to meet children in an orphanage in Nepal.

Since I was a kid, I have been involved in various social service activities. Helping needy and making small changes if not big, always provided me the greatest satisfaction. Now that, I can somewhat afford some savings for well being of the needy, I decided to visit “Self Peace Orphanage” when I visited home last year (2013). This organization was first started by Maina Devi Bhandari in 2005. When I asked her about the motivation behind this great work, she replied “Mero Man” (My heart). The fact that she cannot endure seeing needy women and children, gave her enthusiasm and courage to start helping these people. She in fact, donated her own land and with the help of others, she was able to build an accommodation. Currently, this organization is home to twelve children who lost their parents at a young age and children who were found on streets or garbage cans. With kids, this organization also takes care of women who were forced to leave their homes because of the domestic violence. “Self Peace Orphanage” provides food, education, shelter, and security to meet the basic daily requirements for these children and women. The motto is to make them realize their potentials, so that, they become a responsible independent citizen in the future.

I was mesmerized by the fact that we have noble citizen like Maina Devi Bhandari. After looking at those innocent faces in the orphanage, I was constantly thinking about the ways to involve myself in activities that would help disadvantaged people in our society. And one of the ways is to inform you all about this great organization. Below is the information if you want to make a donation:
Please donate funds at: Account No. E61-11-11673 (Nepal Bank Limited); email:; Phone: 071-561427; 9806971936.

Money can make a difference but there are other ways of helping like volunteering (if you live nearby), donating clothes and stationaries. Also, below are the pictures to give you a glimpse of this organization.

The Name Banner of the Orphanage.
 The Lady behind the Great Work =D>
Happy kids withTihar sweets.

 Mumy and I with the whole family. It was such an amazing experience.
 Mumy and I with the founder and women currently living in the orphanage. 
 With the youngest in the orphanage. 
 This little girl was found in a jungle covered and bitten by insects. She was just two days old at that time. Later they realized that she was blind and her blindness cannot be cured. So, glad that now she has a home, friends and family.

 Made some donation to the family and realized that you can actually buy Satisfaction :)
 Kids Bedroom.
The Kitchen.


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