Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dashian 2070 in Nepal!!

Finally after almost five years, I was able to celebrate my favorite and Nepal's biggest festival Dashain. Since, world is getting busier, I initially thought rituals for celebrating Dashain must have been changed as well. This time my expectation was quick and short cut Dashain with little touch of our old traditions. But I was totally wrong! Whole country and people were as excited as before, as happy as before, and as culturally conservative as before :) Culturally conservative because all of my family members and relatives ( I am talking about 50-60 families here) were following each and every ceremonial procedures as we used to do in the old days. I was mesmerized and happy at the same time because I was able to relive our culture after these many years. There were so many things I had already forgotten, thanks to Nepal and Nepali culture for staying so original and authentic :) 

For those who are not familiar with this festival, Dashain lasts for fifteen days and is the most anticipated festival by Nepalese in the world. Historical beliefs describes the celebrations being taking place for the victory of good over evil. So, during the fifteen days time period, Goddess Durga is worshipped as they say she defeated demons harming God's palaces as well as other innocent people in the ancient times. First day starts with worshipping Durga and putting jamara to grow (grown from Barley and Corn) and ends on day fifteen, which is a full moon day. Day one to nine is a worshipping period and ten to fifteen is the tika period.  

This year's Dashain was wonderful. I was enlightened with joy, love and care. Here are some pictures and I hope every Nepali around the globe had an amazing time in Dashain this year :)

Aww..I am going to miss this on next Dashain so bad :(

 Dashain Tika and Jamara :)
 Tika and Blessings from elders :)
 Jamara Necklace was a Surprise. Thank u mumy :)
:) :)
 I got Jamara Hair Clip :)
 Dashain Prasad :)
 Sagun dhau :)
 Sagun for first tika after wedding :D
  Sagun for first tika after wedding :D
 Culture :)
 luv u aji :x
 Food! of course the most important one ;)
 Little bit of everything for God before I eat!

Feel free to share your Dashain experiences this year in the comment box below >:D<