Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tihar 2070 fun in Nepal :)

Like Dashain, Tihar this year was full of fun and excitement. As a kid, Tihar used to be my favorite festival because of lights, firecrackers and deusi bhilo :) This year's Tihar was the same except the fact that firecrackers were deemed illegal :( Tihar in Nepal lasts for three days. On first day we worship Goddess Laxmi, second day (Maha Puja) we worship ourselves and on the third day we worship our brothers. Tihar is a festival of lights where we lit candles, lights (Christmas lights) and dio (cotton balls dipped in oil). There is a belief that doing so will make Goddess Laxmi (God of wealth) happy and will bestow good health and prosperity in the family.
I was so surprised to see people admiring and following our rituals so sincerely. Nothing was changed and I hope everything will remain the same, so that we younger generations will be able to continue to make our precious traditions lively for generations to come. Here are some pictures and please feel free to share your Tihar experiences in the comment box below :)

:) :)
 Mandal for Laxmi Puja. Made by my sister :)
 Kalash Puja :)
Laxmi Puja :)
 Parsad for Laxmi puja :)
 Second day: Maha Puja. Picture above shows people in Newari Culture celebrating Nepal Sambat 1134:D
 Dio :)
 Maha Puja Mandal :)
 Sagun :)
 ita :) 
Mandal Puja :)
 Models of the night :D
 Self Worshipping :)
 Bhai Puja (The third day, Worshiping Brothers)
 Yes we do worship alcohol :D
 Different Colors of Tika :)

 Mandal on bhai tika day :)

 Gift for my babu (brother)
My Gift :)
 Sweets for my babu :)
 Bhai tika day lunch.. yummiest thing in the world. So many different varieties :D
 Deusi bhailo: During tihar, people gather and go to different houses for singing and dancing. In return house owners are supposed to give them some money and sweets. They say doing so will bless the giving family with better life.
Happy deusi bhailo group :)