Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Malanga (Pidalu) Curry Recipe!!

I love Malanga cooked with Gundruk!! However, I finished my small packet when I made the Gundruk Bhatmas Sadeko (Recipe Here). So, today I tried making Malanga without it. I love Malanga because it becomes gravy very easily and requires no effort while cooking. But one should be very careful when dealing with this vegetable because it can irritate your throat really bad. To stay on the safer side, I always either boil or microwave and cook it afterwards in a curry form. This way you don't have to worry about any throat issues it might cause. OK, let's get started :)
Super Duper Easy and Yummy :x

Prep time: 15min(s) Cook time: 15min(s) Total time: 30min(s)

Things you will need:
  • Malanga (4-6)
  • Onion (1 medium sized, finely sliced)
  • Cumin Seeds (1 tea spoon)
  • Fennel Seeds (1 tea spoon)
  • Fenugreek Seeds (1 tea spoon)
  • Cumin-Coriander Powder (1 table spoon)
  • Schezwan (Timur) Powder (1/2 table spoon)
  • Serrano Pepper/ Green Chilies (2-3, finely chopped)
  • Tomatoes (2, medium sized, finely chopped)
  • Green Peas (1/2 cup)
  • Ginger-garlic Paste (1 table spoon)
  • Turmeric Powder (1/2 tea spoon)
  • Salt (according to taste)
  • Oil (3 table spoons)
  • Water (3 cups)
  1. Heat oil and fry cumin, fenugreek and fennel seeds. Fry until brownish black.
  2. Add onion and serrano pepper and fry until golden brown.
  3. Add tomatoes, peas, salt, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, schezwan, and cumin-coriander powder. Stir, cover and cook for 3-4 minutes. Heat should be medium.
  4. Add Malanga and stir, cover and cook for another 2 minutes. Heat should be medium.
  5. Add water and cook for 5 minutes. Heat should be medium.
  6. Malanga Curry is ready :) Enjoy it with steamed rice or bread.