Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Barbecue Fun :)

Summer is almost on its way out here in the Midwest. Last week temperature suddenly dropped and was in lower 50s. So, before the snow nightmare gets into our lives, we Nepali residing in Illinois decided to do an outdoor barbecue fun. Surprisingly, Saturday was beautiful and temperature was in 80s. We went to a park nearby and spent our entire Saturday there.

My friends and I without a doubt had lots of fun. This time guys in our community planned everything, so food wise there were so many different varieties. When I say food and guys planned BBQ, meat was an item with most different varieties ;) Food was delicious and the park itself had so many things to do. There was a small but very pretty Botanical Garden, small creek filled with lotus, and a good size water fall fountain. We toured and visited each of those places and of course took tons of pictures.

This outing after a hectic week at work was so worth it and relaxing. We ate, laughed, sang, toured, and most importantly met each other after a long time. Below are the pictures from yesterday :)

Good Night Everyone >:D<