Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday Fun and Apple Picking :)

It has been more than five years since I came to the United States and all of these years I have been living here in the Midwest. But during these times, I had never been to any of the U Pick Farms! I once went for Strawberry Picking but wasn't impressed that much because the harvesting season at that time  was over and I ended up picking sour baby strawberries :( After that, I always ignored and never bothered to visit one of these farms. 

But yesterday, day was nice and as always I was searching for nearby attractions to spend my weekend. I found out this Orchard near by, which had mentioned apples being ready to pick. I was hesitant at first but I had no other choice and I wanted to get outside of the house so bad. So, I and my husband decided to visit this Orchard to pick apples.

Seriously guys I was so surprised and amazed at the same time because the Orchard was beautiful. I was constantly scolding myself because the orchard was just fifteen minute drive from where we used to live before and we never even thought about it a single time. Unlike, the Strawberry Farm that I had visited in the past, this orchard was amazing. It was filled with apple trees and there were so many varieties. As seen in the pictures below, apples were fresh, red, ripen and so delicious! 

This has to be one of the best experiences of mine here in the Midwest. I regret that I ignored this place before. I am definitely going to visit this place often and recommend to everyone living here in the Midwest. This seriously is a Must Visit :) Hurry Up! This season will end in no time. Address: (