Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nacho Supreme!!

At first, I was little hesitant to put this recipe up because this is so easy and I am pretty sure most of you already know it. I am writing this post just because of my sister. I do not know what it is with my sister; she wants me to write a blog post with step by step process on how to make Nachos Supreme. I told her that there are no steps and also tried explaining everything over phone but it wasn’t enough for her. She wanted pictures, quantity info and detail description. So, here you go sissy and you everyone, who would like to recreate this effortless easy snack. Btw, let me mention, this is my favorite.

Yum Yum Yum :D

Prep time: 5min(s) Cook time: 5min(s) Total time: 10min(s) 

Things you will need:
* Corn Chips (1/4 of the small packet)
* Precooked Black Beans (1/2 cup)
* Green chilies/ jalapenos (if jalapenos use 1, if green chilies use 2 to 3. But as always, adjust your spice level)
* Green bell pepper/ Capsicum (half, finely chopped)
* Green Onions (3-4 strands, finely chopped)
* Cilantro (5-6 strands finely chopped)
* Shredded Cheese (1/2 cup)
* Tomatoes (1 cup (finely sliced, I recommend cherry tomatoes)
* Lime juice (1 table spoon)
* Salt (according to taste)
* Extra Firm Tofu (1 cup, cubed sized)
* Sour Cream/ Any kind of vegetable dipping sauce (3 table spoons) (I used one that has dill in it)

1. On a nonstick pan roast tofu until it is golden brown
2. In the meanwhile, in a large bowl, add everything except cheese, chips and sour cream
3. Mix everything well and put it aside.
4. Once Tofu is done, on a large plate, place chips first and spread tofu and beans mixture.
5. Sprinkle cheese over the plate and microwave it for one and half minutes (microwaving is optional)
6. Top everything with sour cream and you are good to go. Too simple!