Friday, August 30, 2013

Easy Rice Pudding Recipe!! (Kheer)

Rice pudding (Kheer) is a very popular dessert severed in Nepali cuisine. It is served in almost every occasions and fiestas. Sweet and smooth in texture, this dish provides what I call “a good feeling flavor” to your taste buds after eating spicy Nepali foods. As good as it tastes, it is also extremely easy to make. There might be other fancy ways to make this dessert but what I have come up with is a simple, sweet and effortless method to prepare this delicacy. So, here is the recipe for you to try:

Prep time: 2min(s) Cook time: 30min(s) Total time: 32min(s) 

Things you will need:
* Milk (2 liters)
* Rice (little less than 1 cup)
* Coconut (Thinly Shredded/ sliced, 2 table spoons)
* Cashews (2 table spoons, halved)
* Raisins (2 table spoons)
* Ghee (1/2 cup)
* Cardamom (1 and 1/2 table spoon)
* Sugar (according to your taste)
* Cloves (5)

1. On a deep cooking utensil, heat ghee and add all of the mentioned dried fruits except Cardamom (if you have freshly grounded ones then go ahead and fry it as well. If powder, then wait). Fry it until golden brown. Be careful, dried fruits burn really quick.
2. Add milk and after this add sugar and rice. Stir everything and add Cardamom.
3. Cook everything on a medium heat and make sure to stir periodically.
4. Throughout the cooking process the quantity of milk reduces and with rice, it becomes thick in texture.
5. Once rice is cooked and when the mixture becomes gravy like consistency, it’s ready.
6. Serve hot/ refrigerate it for an hour and RELISH :) Also, click here for Vermicelli Pudding.