Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Weekend Fun at U-Pick Citrus Farm :)

U-pick apple on 2014 (Click here for U-pick Apple Post) was so much fun that we decided to go to local U-pick citrus farm this year. Since citruses ripen around winter time,  Dec-Jan timing was perfect to pick them up. Undoubtedly, picking citruses was an amazing experience. There were so many different varieties to choose from and I made sure to pick each one of them. Frankly, I had never in my life imagined that oranges had these many varieties.  There were varieties of grapefruits (Bhogate) as well and I am planing to make Bhogate Sadeko (Recipe Here) this coming weekend.

Another surprising thing to note is that there was a tree loaded with tangerines (suntala) just like we get back home and it was so delicious. It had been years since I hadn't had one and when I found one I was so excited and picked so many :) First thing  I did once I got back home was I roasted some peanuts, made spicy cilantro chutney, and sat outside in the sun for hours and enjoyed juicy suntala just like we used to do back home around this time :) 

Enjoy :)