Sunday, August 24, 2014

Teej Celebration 2014 :)

This year again we ladies had lots of fun :) Theme was same traditional red attire, food was Nepali but everyone were allowed to be creative, dance was just in Teej numbers, taking pictures was the same if not even more, and gossiping as always with ladies was a must ;) Even though, I do not follow any ritual procedures (Click here if you want to know about Teej more) of this fiesta, I have started liking it a lot. I just like everything about Teej: dressing pretty, dancing, taking pictures, eating great food, and gossiping about our husbands ;) 

Girls this year looked more well dressed than last year. It looks like everyone were prepared and had brought Nepali goodies all the way from home. The designs of their necklaces, beautiful embroidered sarees, wonderful gold hair-clips, and the excitement on their faces were just amazing :x This year too, we had decided to celebrate Teej at my place and only girls were invited. The only different we did this year compared to last year was that we collected some funds for flood victims back home. This made Teej more special and I especially am so proud of ourselves. Living abroad has taught me to appreciate our cultural values as well as our society as a whole. 

I first was little hesitant to put this idea in front of everyone because I didn't know if my friends would agree but they were so kind. I just had to type a text and they were all excited to make a donation. We will be giving money collected to to help the flood affected victims in Surkhet. Our Teej this year ended with fun, excitement, and a hope to make a small change in peoples' lives back home. Below is a glimpse of what we did this year and if want more, click here to view our Teej last year. Enjoy and happy Teej to all Nepali ladies around the globe >:D<