Sunday, August 23, 2015

Newari Sagun Recipe!!

Sagun is included in almost every ritual such as birthday, childbirth, tihar, dashian, and wedding in Newari community of Nepal. Sagun symbolizes best wishes and therefore is considered a blessing from elder before starting anything new in life. Sagun typically includes egg, dried fish, ginger, garlic, and alcohol/yogurt. After moving to the United States, we barely celebrate typical Newari/Nepali cultures however I at least make sure to make Sagun in every birthdays. Since, it was my husband's birthday last week, I had to make Sagun and thought to share recipe with you all. Here you go everyone, enjoy easy Sagun recipe :)
Stay Blessed Everyone :)

Prep time: 5min(s) Cook time:20min(s) Total time: 25min(s)

Things you will need:
  • Eggs (2 large)
  • Ginger (2 table spoons, finely sliced)
  • Garlic (2 table spoons, finely sliced)
  • Salt (according to taste)
  • Dried Fish (5-7, any kind)
  • Oil (1 table spoon)
  • On a deep dish add water, salt and egg. Boil until eggs are cooked and peel cover carefully.
  • Heat oil and fry ginger first and in the same oil fry garlic.
  • Fry peeled eggs and little salt in the same oil until eggs become slightly golden brown.
  • Finally, fry dried fish until they are golden brown. Be extremely careful since dried fish tend to burn quickly.
  • Put it all together in a bowl or utensil of your choice and bestow good wishes to your loved ones :)